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Truth about Digital images:
1. 90% images on the web are "Small" , about 3 X Smaller than, your average Mobile camera phone snap.
2. Circa 1970 the world used, Dot Per Inch, DPI , originating from the print industry. This represents number of ink dots, in square inch, a printer can make.
3. Pixels per inch (PPI) is a "Computer Screen" measurement of the density of Pixels (more PPI higher definition )
4. So when when photoshop says Print resolution (72dpi) , this is can be really confusing.
6. PPI defines the display size of an image on screen. i.e. images on a 96dpi monitor, will display slightly smaller than those on a 72dpi monitor.
7. Pixels are tiny squares. To represent a curve a pixel has to divide itself into triangles using shading. The more pixels the more definition.
8. Newspapers use 85dpi Magazine publishers (300dpi) Print resolution and Billboards use only 45dpi, because the viewing distant is so far away.
9. T-Shirt Makers would like ( 900dpi) Print resolution. Why, because wearable technology needs to be worn and washed over and over again.
10. If its not a Picture (pixels) , Vector Graphics is Better, professions'l "only use" Vectors.

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Truth about Mobile : Until Android or IOS

(i). If your on MOBILE YOU MUST PINCH OUT or go Landscape. Reducing the "Editing area" of the T-shirt for the just for the web is detrimental for the actual ' physically Printed T-shirts. If you read this post you definitely understand why. We could quite easily stick in a CSS class .img-responsive { width:100% ; Height:100% ; margin: 0 auto; } which i admit looks great on mobile, but no way transferable outside of computer/tablet/mobile screen.

Adding other Graphics to your "Saved" Design" from Graphic Gallery

(ii). If you have started combining images and texts on T-shirt editor and you want to look or add more/other graphics or images on the website "You Must Press Save" ! to save "What you have done already " otherwise you will have to restart again. Your saved imaged /design is then quickly added back onto T-shirt editor by simple clicking on the saved image below the T-shirt edition area to reapply .

The Background of your "Saved" Design window when Buying

(iii) . Your saved design background is initial white. Until you click on the available colors and size in stock.Your Saved Design background Color reflects basket only "Once" when you choose Size/Color.Preview will be replace when you save again.

Digital to Fabric
Especially with the advent of Sublimation and white inks Printer. However we are still constrained by certain fabric such as cotton which set well on 100% cotton .
We produces"everything" by hand , if the order is for a white T-shirt we SUBLIMATE, onto it which obtains the best result, especially for photography. Sublimation is a process whereby the ink is heated until it turns into a gas, which is then press into the T-shirt. Colored T-shirts, pose a different problem, because they change the foreground color, unlike white T-Shirts. This can be a desired facet as in Andy Warhol "Pop Art" photography. For colored T-Shirts we use White ink Digital printers and Direct To Garment DTG Digital T-Shirt printers.We do not do Silk screening for "one off" custom T-Shirt as this is really expensive, due to the fact that you might require four different silk screens for each of CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-blacK) colors costing many Hundreds of pounds. So unless your budding label designer I wouldn't recommend that. Another important technique for colored T-shirts is vinyl or flex which involves us weeding out intricate design and potential having to repress many different color. The Out Clothing label is the Pioneer of Mixing up of all of the above techniques and is "Exclusively" on and . Take a look at their ready made collecting or the iDeas section to get inspiring and start creating that unique expression of you .

Jump straight in & start Wearing you iDeas Click on small information icon (i) above each section for more info.

Truth about Digital images on Fabric:
As the saying goes,"Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see". Despite the general consensus Digital web images are general designed for relatively small devices not for physical printing onto stuff. Ask stated at the beginning.The truth is , 90% images on the web are "Small" because they are bandwidth intensified to nearest pixel of their digital life.Digital image technology is mainly centered around sending and receiving images quickly , i.e. PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics.
The general rule of thumb exist, the bigger image size you upload, the better quality printed onto the T-Shirt. Every Magazine publisher, recognizes that better the quality of the image the better the outcome. The undeniable truth is your web design is outstanding on a computer screen, but suffers from real world limitation on fabric.
That's why we have set the upload minimum to be 350px width X 350px Height image or graphic to us. But if for some reason you want us to make it lower for some, let us know. However, if you upload a much bigger image say "Wallpaper " size image (1920px width X 1200px Height). The overall image/design would be much clearer and sharper on you final T-Shirt.
So always try to upload the biggest images you have and shrink the image inside the T-shirt editor by grappling the handle bars. This way you are helping to give you the best quality.
Money back Guarantee , and free shipping helps. and it not just web to t shirt

Truth about Colored Fabric with images & text :
An over simplified example would be, say you have made a design using a white background and used red text/lettering saying "Liverpool F C" , then you decide to change your background color to a red T-shirt, "Liverpool F C" would almost disappear.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

We are all human beings, hopefully, trying to be human to one another. Remember we represent your in-house , collaborative, co-workers in different building. This is one of the reasons we offer a money back guarantee, within reasonableness, and the options check design before we Print your T-shirt design. We are your Minions, your ,T-shirt design. is yours to do what you like. You can even create an account with us and selling your T-Shirt design ideas and we are not just limited to T-shirts , how about Metal, cars phones and even leather.

T-Shirt Makers Stand on the Shoulder of Printers

The print publishing industry embodies a vast that legacy goes back many hundreds of years. Printers employ heavy industrial machines, that can "Batch" print everything in one go, as in the case newspapers. Printers have whole a glossary of own terms and vernacular.
For instance bleed, which means the gap between inner edge of printing area, and outer markings for trimming. kerning, which signifies the space between letters.
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