Shopwiz Manifesto |

1. Type your text into the box and the press >> to send to T-shirt , Do it twice to get a new Line.
2. "T-shirt colour & Gender are at the top of Design Editing area.
3. One of the most important thing is to actually click on the thing you want to change i.e Text - color not changing ?
4. Try to design with Coloured T-shirt you want. Photo uploads work best on White T- Shirts
5. On Mobile it is tricky using the Handler bars to resize or Rotating , graphics or text, Resize the whole Page.
6. Most important advise is save Semi Customise T-shirt , Before flicking thru other pages.
7. To reapply your saved design back onto Editor, just click on the saved image (below editing area) to further Customise.
8. Our Preparation guardians are always on standby, to assist you.
9. Always remember why nobody else doing this (colour is relative to the T-shirt Background) Photo only really works on White
10. Money back guarantee , we want you, to be with us forever.

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